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Sunday, August 01, 2004

July Reads Cont'd.

Indelible - by Karin Slaughter, the latest in the "Grant County" series. This book is different from Blindsighted and Kisscut, in that the crime is actually happening as we read. The police department is the scene of a hostage situation with Sara and Jeffrey both held hostage by two gun toting madmen. They've killed several policemen already and have nothing to lose.

While the hostage scenario plays out, alternating chapters give us indepth background on Jeffrey and his youth. He takes Sara to his hometown where they are involved in a crime involving his closest friend, a crime that seems suspicious to Sara. Friends and enemies fight to spread gossip, making the truth even harder to ascertain.

Both the backstory and the situation in the police station are exciting and well written. Eventually the two seemlessly meld. A great read!

The Halo Effect, A Butterfield Institute Novel - by M.J. Rose, Dr. Morgan Snow is a sex therapist at the discrete, highly respected Butterfield Institute. She is treating a high-priced prostitute who has written a tell-all book about her powerful clients. She gives a copy of the book to Dr. Snow and then disappears.

A serial killer is targeting street prostitutes and the crime scenes are rife with religious overtones, including a rosary at each. Detective Noah Jordain meets with Dr. Snow after a missing persons report is filed on Cleo. Morgan refuses to discuss her client, citing patient therapist confidentiality.

Meanwhile she has met with Cleo's fiance and her business partner and has decided which of the powerful men she feels would be most likely to have snatched Cleo. She arranges to masquerade as one of Cleo's girls and meet with each of the men to get a better feel for them.

This is a first rate thriller -- I can't wait for the next one!

Mind Game -- Christine Feehan, for fans of the paranormal this is the second in a new series. A thriller with non-stop action, the players all have psychic ability of one type or another. The "Ghostwalkers" are a Special Ops-type group who have had their abilities enhanced by a now deceased scientist. They have learned to control their skills and live among others with the help of the scientist's daughter, Lily.

Lily was one of a group of orphaned girls the scientist obtained as young children and worked to enhance their psychic ability. She now works tirelessly to find others he "enhanced" and help them. Another of the children was Dahlia. Lily has found the tapes her father kept of Dahlia and she is one-of-a-kind. She seems to "call" energy to her. Her abilities are astonishing.

Dahlia works for the government as a "retrieval" specialist. She is cut off from everyone, other than the two women who live in the sanitarium she calls home, and her contact. Her home is attacked, the two women killed and her contact captured.

While she tries to absorb the shock and terror that someone is trying to kill her, one of the Ghostwalkers, Nicolas Trevane, arrives. Dahlia is afraid to trust him, but gradually her guard comes down. Nick is an anchor, he's able to help her control her psychic talents. Their relationship is very erotic -- both mental and physical.

I'm looking forward to more of this series and will be tracking down the first one, Shadow Game. You don't have to be a fan of Feehan's Carpathian series to enjoy this.