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Saturday, July 17, 2004

More July Reads

Death Match -- Lincoln Child:  Eden, a company that takes matchmaking a step or two further than the web-based matching sites.  Full psychological profile, physical exam including genetics, and a one-of-a-kind matching process for a mere $25,000.  The success rate is beyond anyone's wildest dreams.  Satisfaction is guaranteed and there has never been a request for a refund. The company actually has found 6 couples that are "super couples" they match 100% to one another.  Everyone who knows these couples marvel at their perfect unions.  Until they start committing suicide.
The company brings in a retired FBI forensic psychologist Christopher Lash to keep the problem low profile and ensure there is nothing wrong internally.  Dealing with a company that surrounds itself with the best security available and a reclusive genius in the form of the founder, Lash is trying to use his skills against a technology that has the ability to learn, and thus fight back when threatened.
Another enjoyable read from Child mixing high tech and thrills -- fun page turner.
Twenty-Seven Bones -- Jonathan Nasaw:  A new entry in the Agent Pender series.  Retired FBI agent Ed Pender was known as the worst dressed agent in the FBI.  He delights in continuing his forays into bad taste while helping a friend in the Eastern Carribean.  It seems the tourist destination of St. Luke has become the hunting ground for a serial killer.  Bored with retirement, Pender is happy to help out the Chief of Police.
Interesting characters abound, from a husband and wife anthropologist team, to the rich husband of one of the latest victims, all suspicious to Pender.  The "L" word comes up, when he meets and falls for a woman with a past.
There are plenty of dead ends to stymie Pender and the locals, as they seek a psychopath who seems to be changing as they hunt him.  As Pender begins to feel he will never solve this puzzle, yet another crime occurs, seeming to bring the entire episode to a very tidy end.  A little too tidy for Agent Pender.
I loved the end and hope Pender and Dawson remain a couple, in St. Luke or Washington -- anywhere!  Hopeful, happy ending.  I have my fingers crossed for Pender, that he doesn't mess up this relationship.


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