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Friday, July 09, 2004

Books I've Recently Enjoyed



The Hanging Valley – Peter Robinson:  Inspector Banks series


The Big Gamble – Michael McGarrity:  Kevin Kerney series


The Color of Death – Elizabeth Lowell:  Elizabeth Lowell:  The story surrounds a gem cutter given an opportunity to cut seven rare sapphires.  The courier delivering the cut gems to the owner is her half brother.  He disappears and the gems along with him.  The authorities treat it as if he has run off with the priceless gems. Kate knows her brother would never do such a thing and pesters the police and FBI.  Finally she begins her own investigation which brings her onto S.A. Sam Grove' radar.  At a huge gem show, a shady dealer with one of the sapphires in his possession is murdered.  The FBI is chasing it's tail.  Sam and Kate join forces and fall in love.  This is an exciting thriller with a nice pace.  The FBI politics seem realistic and exasperating.  Great story!


Ten Big Ones – Janet Evanovich:  The Stephanie Plum series continues.  This series has gotten a little predictable, but this outing did make me laugh out loud when Stephanie and Lulu are attacked by a gang of "humping hounds."  A small thread of the Ranger mystique is unraveled.  The family continues to be Stephanie's anchor and an anchor around her neck at the same time.  The relationship with Joe continues to be on and off.  A good entry in the series.


Blow Out – Catherine Coulter:  Sherlock & Savich series.  A complex story with dual storylines:  the first seems to involve a ghost that appeared to Savich.  The second, and main priority, is the murder of a Supreme Court Justice in the Library of the well-protected Court.  In addition to Savich and Sherlock we have a Washington cop and a reporter for the Washington Post.  The reporter is also the stepdaughter of the murdered Justice.  The ending is quite a twist!  Very engrossing.  The usual well written page turner.


Cravings – Anthology incl. Laurell K. Hamilton:  4 individual stories all involving vampires, shapeshifters or some form of the paranormal.  Romantic and/or erotic stories, all quite good.  Hamilton’s is a continuation of the Anita Blake series. I hadn’t ready Mary Janice Davidson and her stories are quite humorous.  If you like your passion with a twist, try this one.


A Necessary End – Peter Robinson:  Inspector Banks series – An anti-nuclear demonstration goes wrong and along with the arrests and ambulances, there is a police officer, stabbed to death.  The suspects are almost too numerous.  To add to Banks’ problems “Dirty Dick” Burgess is sent up from London.  His methods and Banks’ are at odds.  A second death among the suspects only complicates matters.  Another winner in the series.


Gallows View – Peter Robinson:  Inspector Banks series, the first in the series.  In this outing we get to know Banks and his family along with is co-workers in Eastvale.  Escaping London for the country, Banks thought he’d escaped the horror of the crimes he’d dealt with.  Now he’s facing a Peeping Tom, a string of thefts from the homes of elderly women, and now an elderly woman is murdered.  A great introduction to the series.


Past Reason Hated – Peter Robinson:  Inspector Banks series – A beautiful lesbian is found murdered in her apartment.  She was an actress in the Eastvale Community Theater and emotions run high in even amateur theater.  An ex-husband, remarried but still fond of the victim, makes for a fine suspect, as does his wife.  The Eastvale Police are also dealing with a rash of vandalism and the Theater is struck.  Leaves you guessing until the end.


Captivated – Nora Roberts:  Part of the Donovan Legacy series.  A screenwriter of successful horror flicks, Nash wants to interview Morgana Donovan as part of his research for a new screenplay.  He doesn’t believe in any of “that hocus-pocus” but he wants his screenplay to be authentic.  As he becomes enchanted by Ana, he can’t help but begin to believe in her craft.  As a man who has never been in love, he decides she must have cast a spell on him to make him feel this way.  Can, indeed should, she convince him what is in his heart is true?  Enjoyable and sexy.


Like A Charm: A Novel in Voices – Karin Slaughter et al.:  This book is a collection of short stories by a varied group of authors (some of my faves) all surrounding a charm bracelet.  Each story focuses on one particular charm.  They are set in different times, different places.  I had greatly looked forward to this book, I’m a big fan of Slaughter’s (Kisscut, A Faint Cold Fear), Peter Robinson (Inspector Banks series), Lee Child (Reacher series) and John Connolly.  Sadly, I just didn’t find any of the stories all that compelling.  Some of them were horrible – not horribly written – just creepy, and others, well they seemed like filler to me.  Quite a disappointment.





Agent Pendergast Series -- Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.  This series began with The Relic and has continued through Reliquary (sequel); Still Life with Crows, The Cabinet of Curiosities and coming in August 2004 Brimstone. Agent Pendergast is a somewhat mystical FBI agent who is apparently not assigned to any one office.  He follows unusual cases and uses a combination of police work and non-traditional methods to solve them.  He often recruits a local to help him with the case, often an equally eccentric character.  A great series of suspense novels with a charasmatic and mysterious lead.




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