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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Favorite Series

Elvis Cole Series – Robert Crais:  This noir series features the wise-cracking P.I. Elvis Cole, his sometimes frightening best friend and partner Joe and the city of Los Angeles


Angie & Patrick Series – Dennis Lehane:  Boston PIs, very intense noir.  Besides Angie and Patrick, there are an assortment of characters they’ve grown up with.  Great back stories and sense of the characters history.  Few happy endings, but awesome stories.


Myron Bolitar Series – Harlan Coben:  Series about a New Jersey sports agent.  The very idea of a novel about a sports agent turned me off.  I bought a used one and sold it without ever reading it.  Now I have the entire series.  The cast includes Myron, his dark side-kick Win and his partner Esmeralda (a/k/a Little Pocahontas).  Myron is full of wise-cracks, Win is a blue-blood thug and Esmeralda has retired from GLOW.  Fun series!


Kevin Kearney Series – Michael McGarrity:  Series about a native New Mexico cop, the history of New Mexico figures largely into these novels.  Very well written page turners.


Alan Banks Series – Peter Robinson:  Series set in England starring DCI Alan Banks.  These are always hard to solve, and Banks is very introspective, and tends to make his life more difficult than it need be.  Some are slow to start but worth any effort!


Alan Gregory Series – Steven White:  Series about a psychologist and his lawyer wife.  These are very interesting.  I thought they might be similar to the Alex Delaware series, but they are not.  I enjoy these a lot more.


Anita Blake Series – Laurell K. Hamilton:  Vampires, were-everything and other paranormals.  This series is about a licensed vampire executioner who somehow winds up with both a vampire boyfriend and a werewolf boyfriend.  Lots of sex and violence. 




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